The Italian Riviera & Bucharest, Romania

I’m sitting here writing in an oversized turtleneck knit (standard) and coat whilst trying to wrap my head around the business side of my nutrition studies. I’ve just come back from my month-long European summer getaway and thought I’d put together a little photo diary, hopefully inspiring you to put these stunning places on your travel list. I am slowly getting back into recipe development and uni life which explains So Matcha To Love’s downtime.

Food culture intrigues me and one of my favourite parts about traveling, amongst adventuring and new experiences, is trying different cuisines and essentially ‘living like a local’. Forget shopping and malls, I mostly divert my travel expenditures towards experiences and food as these are the things that bring me pure happiness and inspire me long after my return to reality. I even have a notebook devoted to my travel feeds to help me recreate pure deliciousness and nostalgia back home. I was lucky enough to travel with locals this time, but whether or not this is an option for you, I would highly recommend exploring wider than the ‘beaten path’ to discover some true gems. Although I visited various places I have included the two that created the biggest impression on me (although I am also biased because one is my birthplace and the other has my one true love – the sea.) 😉 Keep scrolling down for a photo diary of The Ligurian Coast of Italy and the capital of Romania, Bucharest. I have linked several places to eat throughout the article and they should open in a new tab.

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